More Than a Quarter of PC Users Still on XP


More Than a Quarter of PC Users Still on XP
Microsoft's discontinued support has little effect on user numbers...

Although it's pushing 13 years old at this stage, it seems that Windows XP still has quite a following out there in PC land, with the latest figures from Net Marketshare showing that 26.29% of desktop PC users are still running the operating system.

Viewed by many as one of the best operating systems of all time, XP has had an incredibly long run of popularity, but with Microsoft attempting to get people to move away from the ageing platform by dropping support for it last month, all those users are facing an uncertain future.

Although April's figures saw a drop of 1.5% in XP usage over the previous month, the numbers are still high enough to suggest that people either aren't aware that Microsoft no longer supports the platform, or they simply don't care.

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1 to be precise), hasn't exactly captured the hearts of PC users, being slated for its attempts to change too many facets of the Windows interface in an attempt to make it more suitable for touch-driven system, while reports have been circulating for some time now that the company is seeking to replace it with Windows 9 as soon as possible.

The most popular operating system right now among desktop PC users is the five year oldWindows 7 with 49.27% of users, while Windows 8.1 holds 6.36% of the market.

More Than a Quarter of PC Users Still on XP on
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