Most Apple Watch models are already sold out!


Most Apple Watch models are already sold out!

The Apple Watch is going to be all over your news feeds for the next few weeks as it gears up for launch date on the 24th of April, but a lot of people will be waiting much longer to try on the future of wearable technology.

The new device from Apple went up for pre-orders on the 10th of April and very quickly the site was swamped with people eager to get their hands on the gadget. A few hours later, people were getting estimated delivery of the end of May 2015 for the most affordable version of the device, the $349 Apple Watch Sport and that's slipping further into the year with each passing order.

But that's nothing on the wait time you should expect for the Apple Watch Edition. This utterly premium item, which ranges in vale from $10,000 to $17,000 might not be in the hands of customers who are ordering now until August. That's right - you could drop 17 grand on a wearable now and not have it on your wrist until after the summer is over.

This is just the kind of madness we've come to expect from the launch of any new Apple product and the company themselves expect it at this point - they've been open about the fact that stocks will be limited at launch while they assess the public interest in their brand new device. It seems pretty clear that demand will outstrip supply by quite a margin, and we wouldn't be surprised if Apple is purposefully holding back stock to create a rush on the few models out in the wild.

These stock issues are consistent across the world, with the Apple Watch also set to release in the UK on the 24th of April and most pre-orders now listing the delivery date as June. There's no set release date for Ireland just yet but even when it does finally arrive you're going to have serious trouble getting your hands on one. At least you will be able to test out the device at participating Apple stores, just to see what you're missing.

More news on the Irish release date of the Apple Watch when we get it.

Most Apple Watch models are already sold out! on
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