Moto Z phones will feature snap-on extras


Moto Z phones will feature snap-on extras

Lenovo just announced two new flagship phones, and they're some of the most interesting handsets around.

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are high powered smartphones in their own right but they're also bringing something new to the table with Moto Mods.

These accessories can instantly transform your handset, and snap on using strong magnets which connects the unit physically and also syncs it with the phones software.

Mods announced to date include a JBL Soundboost which pumps up your phone volume and adds extra battery life (which you'll need to keep the party going). There's also a huge extra battery you can use called the Power Pack and the Insta-Share projector which beams out your phone screen to a massive 70 inches.

Users will also have access to snap-on Style Shells in a range of colours and finishes to make the phone their own. And the design of all the accessories is pretty darn lovely.

As for the handsets themselves, the Moto Z is one of the worlds thinnest smartphones at just 5.2mm, and it packs in serious power including a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 gigs of RAM and up to 32 gigs of storage, expandable by 2 terabytes via microSD. It also has a gorgeous 5.5 inch Quad HD screen and comes with a 13MP camera with image stabilisation and laser autofocus.

A fingerprint scanner is also present as well as 30 hours of battery life and some truly impressive quick charging tech giving you 8 extra hours after just 15 minutes. The Z also looks just splendid, extremely thin and with a design that actually stands out from the crowd.

The Moto Z Force might be a little thicker at 7mm but it makes up for that with even more impressive specs, including a massive 40 hour battery life and the ability to get 15 hours back after a 15 minute Turto Charge. It also has a 21MP camera on the back with phase detection for faster performance in all conditions.

And the Force comes with ShatterShield technology, which has been proven to make the display strong enough to survive in the case of a drop.

Neither of these phones features a headphones jack, instead there's a USB-C port and an adaptor to make it work with your regular headphones, making it the first big handset to drop that port. You can also use Bluetooth and USB-C headphones will be coming soon.

The Moto Z range is launching in the US soon under the DROID name and the Moto Z will launch around the world in autumn 2016. It's not yet known when the Moto Z Force will arrive outside America.

Moto Z phones will feature snap-on extras on
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