Motorola to Unveil New Handset on May 13th


Motorola to Unveil New Handset on May 13th
Speculation mounting that the rumoured Moto E is set to be launched...

Motorola is hosting a launch event in London next month to unveil a brand new product, and the internet has gone into overdrive speculating that the device will be the company's latest mobile, the Moto E. If that proves to be accurate, the news is likely to be a little disappointing for technophiles hoping to get a glimpse of a brand new high-end handset from the company, with signs instead pointing to a relatively modest, affordable device like the Moto G.

With LG set to unveil its G3 next month, Motorola might have a battle on its hands to get the kind of coverage it'll no doubt covet, but then again the affordable smartphone space is becoming increasingly important to handset manufacturers these days - and Google has shown with its Nexus range that mid-range pricing doesn't necessarily need to mean mid-range specifications.

We'll keep our eye on this one and as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know... you never know, maybe we'll be in for a surprise and it'll be a wholly unexpected top end handset that'll both delight and excite consumers.

Motorola to Unveil New Handset on May 13th on
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