MTV classic Cribs is back on... Snapchat


MTV classic Cribs is back on... Snapchat

Remember Cribs? The MTV show which gave you extremely unlikely access to celebrities homes where there was an awkward tour and you didn't really learn anything? Well it's back, and this time it's for the small screen in your pocket.

A new version of the show is being put together for audiences on Snapchat. That's right, it's going to be short clips put together into a mini show that you can watch in between being assulted by sticker stuff from your friends.

The content will be part of Snapchat's Discover channel which is supposed to be full of interesting things but is more likely tied to whoever is paying the most for coverage.

There's no word on who will be part of the show just yet but you can be sure some kind of major Snapchat person will be in there early, and that the clips themselves will be edited into the kind of frenzy designed to put people over the age of 30 into a coma.

Expect for MTV Cribs to hit Snapchat sometimes in June 2016.

MTV classic Cribs is back on... Snapchat on
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