NASA Releases 867 Billion Pixel Image of the Moon


NASA Releases 867 Billion Pixel Image of the Moon
It's like being there. Only with more oxygen

You've heard of the LROC right? That's the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera which was placed in orbit around the Moon in 2009 along with a bunch of other equipment.

The first mission to the moon by the US in over a decade, the LROC was designed and flung into space to make a detailed 3D map of the moon and study it for possible resources. It's also spying out top notch landing zones for future missions - we may still see that space hotel.

The sophisticated camera on board has been taking snaps for over four years now and the folks at NASA have taken some of them and created an impossibly detailed mosaic of the Northern Polar area. The fully zoomable image is actually made up of 10,581 individual snaps. The area of the Moon it covers is bigger than Alaska and Texas combined and the file size is a ridiculous 950 GB!

Head here to check out the mosaic, which has highlighted areas for points of interests, and check out the incredible detail which you can see on the actual freaking Moon! The LROC has also been taking photos of the Apollo landing sites and the debris left behind by the missions, hopefully we'll be able to explore those images some day.

NASA Releases 867 Billion Pixel Image of the Moon on
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