Netflix Goes 4K


Netflix Goes 4K
The nine people with 4K TVs will be delighted!

Steaming content giant Netflix has announced that a number of its most popular shows are now available in ultra HD, including smash hit digital-only series House of Cards.

Although the uptake on high-end 4K TV sets has been relatively low to date, it's expected that things will pick up in the months ahead, and that's something that Netflix will be banking on. Those who already do have 4K TVs, though, will be ecstatic at the news, mainly due to the complete dearth of available content up until the announcement (aside from a handful of YouTube videos and Sony's proprietary 4K media player).

Whether or not the announcement will be enough to start convincing people that 4K really is the future or not remains to be seen, but having gotten up close and personal with several of the high-end sets on show at this year's CES, it's fair to say that the platform definitely will start to make inroads sooner rather than later, even if it may well be held back by the fact that the latest generation of gaming consoles, Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, are incompatible with the format, with some games on the platforms not even managing full HD resolutions of 1080p.

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