Netflix is getting more new shows and HDR


Netflix is getting more new shows and HDR

Netflix has come such a long way from a company which cornered the home delivery DVD market in the early 2000s. At a time when that traditional market was dying, they invested heavily in online video streaming, launching that web service in 2007. And after almost 20 years in business they're a household name in entertainment.

And the company isn't going to stop there. At Mobile World Congress 2016, Netflix announced their big plans for the future including introducing plenty of new original content as well as additional technical elements like High Dynamic Range streaming.

30 shows will be launching this year, including all new properties like Judd Apatow's Love and the return of acclaimed series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Just the next few weeks will see the launch of a new Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon film, a Fuller House series, House of Cards Season 4, Flaked and Daredevil Season 2.

In addition, Netflix is promising to update its mobile apps to include things like automatically playing the next episode, so you can really binge on the go. And they're also looking to introduce High Dynamic Range content in a big way. This is a new development in viewing, basically providing more detail in both dim and bright areas of the image to let you see more than ever. It's a bit buzzword for TVs in 2016 and your latest screen will get a workout thanks to Netflix.

It's pretty clear that there's a lot more to come for subscribers to Netflix in the months and years ahead, which should make you feel better when that subscription price goes up!

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