Netflix is making an Altered Carbon TV show!


Netflix is making an Altered Carbon TV show!

There's a lot of sci-fi out there and it can be hard to find anything with the slighest hint of originality, which is why discovering Richard K Morgan a few years ago was a bit of a revelation. The English teacher-turned-author published his first book in 2002 called Altered Carbon, and I was hooked.

It's a tale set in the far flung future and focussed on Takeshi Kovacs, a person who has lived in many bodies during his work as a special envoy. He's hired to investigate an apparent suicide, something which is practically unheard of in this world where consciousness can easily be shuffled to a fit new body for practical immortality.

There's a whole lot more going on and I'd urge you to see it out - or maybe wait a year or two as the book as just been optioned by Netflix to turn it into a 10 episode series! That's pretty amazing news, especially at a time when sci-fi shows, or at least good ones, are hard to find. Netflix is also the perfect place for the story because the original is chock full of mature content which a regular network wouldn't touch.

My only concern right now is a budgetary one, with Netflix so far steering away from much spectacle and CG in its series. That said, they have the revenue streams to handle it, and at least another year or more before they have to put the episodes out before audiences. Who to play Kovacs is another question, especially as the character is capable of changing his appearance regularly. That should make it easy to replace an actor or actress in the role, especially as there are three books in the series to draw from.

There's no word yet on a release date, but I wouldn't expect to see it before 2017.

-Daniel Anderson

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