Netflix makes mobile streaming better


Netflix makes mobile streaming better

Netflix is making it cheaper to watch streaming video on your mobile phone.

The company has made a change to the way it streams video to smaller screens, with a new blog post saying that users will be able to watch three hours of content for a gigabyte of data.

This involves changing the bitrate that the video streams at, basically the quality of the data you are getting. Netflix is working to ensure that there's a good tradeoff between lower data costs and video quality that is acceptable, especially on smaller screens.

It sounds like a great move, especially as more and more people are consuming on the go. And a range of new options means you'll be able to scale up the quality if you have a higher mobile data allowance.

Of course Netflix has no control over how your network measures your data use, so be careful if you are approaching your limit and maybe don't watch the entire second season of Daredevil on the train.

These new streaming settings are part of the latest update to the Android and iOS Netflix apps.

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