Netflix making first German show


Netflix making first German show

Netflix is incredibly bust these days buying up movies, creating its own programming and generally taking over the world of video streaming. And we're pretty much loving every minute of it.

The latest news is that the company is set to expand its roster even further, this time with their first original German production. It's set to be a family drama with supernatural elements called Dark and will be written in German and filmed there. That's an important move for the company as they seek to appeal to local audiences around the world, helping to draw them into the subscription model. And it also makes things simpler for Netflix too as they won't have to license this content.

In the future its likely that much of what Netflix shows will have been created by them specifically for the platform and given the quality of their original content to date, from House of Cards to Bloodlines, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Orange is the New Black and a whole heap more we're not going to complain about what they're managing to create. And we're totally on board for checking out something with subtitles too.

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