Netflix wants to make TV look better


Netflix wants to make TV look better

Netflix is bringing more fancy technology to bear on streaming video with an expansion of 4K content and the introduction of High Dynamic Range.

HDR is the latest advancement in viewing technology and it could be one of the biggest changes in years. It basically produces an image with more visual information than before, adding extra data in the lightest and darkest parts of the picture.

So areas which previously might have been completely over exposed will now have detail in them and the darkest shadows could be full of texture. HDR also delivers a greater colour range, and overall produces images which are more like what we see in real life.

Netflix is bringing HDR to the first season of Marco Polo from today, though you'll also need a compatible TV to watch it. Other shows like Bloodline, Daredevil, Jessica Jones as well as upcoming shows Luke Cage and The Defenders will also have HDR in the future.

4K and HDR will only be offered to those who are on the highest price plan, which currently costs €12.99 a month in Ireland.

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