Never run out of phone storage with handy Google Photos feature


Never run out of phone storage with handy Google Photos feature

It's easy to get snap happy with a smartphone. It's always on you and as camera quality has improved these little units have become viable photography options for anyone and everyone.

The only real issue is that as mobile cameras get better the photos themselves also get bigger, meaning it can really eat into your storage space. Running out of room on your internal memory or an SD card can be a real pain, so thankfully Google Photos has a solution.

This handy free app lets you backup your photos as you go, and it also has a relatively new feature called 'Free Up Space'

Now this particular feature has been around for a few months now but Google seems to have just started shouting about it. As well they should because it really does a great job of combing through your photos and getting rid of those that are doubled up.

A word of warning though- if you're using Google Photos' unlimited photo storage option which doesn't eat into your Google Drive allowance then the images are being backed up at a relatively low resolution of around 4 megapixels.

That's a perfectly decent size for sharing around the web and to other social networks, it's even ok for some limited editing and cropping, but it's still quite small and significantly smaller than the original file which could cause problems if you're planning on printing out these photos at a later date.

The other option lets you store photos at their full resolution but there are potential problems there too as it will quickly eat up your Google Drive storage which provides just 15 gigs for free. After that you'll have to stump up a monthly fee for more space from Google, which could be a significant cost.

Just be aware of how these services work and make sure to back up your most precious photos separately for fear of having lower quality copies in later years.

Never run out of phone storage with handy Google Photos feature on
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