New Apple TV remote could have fancy touchpad


New Apple TV remote could have fancy touchpad

Apple as a company prides itself on design that's both gorgeous and functional, and the Apple TV product satisfies both those claims.

The box itself is tiny and neat but also agreeably solid - the kind of thing you can place next to your television set which fits in but still makes its own statement. And the remote control was a wonderfully sleek and attractive (and light) thing but also carefully designed to be easy to use - with just a handful of buttons.

Now reports are suggesting a change is on the way for the that remote, the first significant new addition in the seven year history of Apple TV. The 2015 version is now rumoured to include a touchpad.

It's definitely a change but not all that surprising - touch controls are an increasingly important part of our daily lives, with phones, tablets, computers and more containing some kind of touch interface. A source close to production at Apple is saying the touch enabled remote will be introduced in June 2015 at Apple's developers conference and will be available later in the year.

It will allow for more precise control of the onscreen pointer, perfect for navigating in lists and more advanced functionality, and could feel a little like Apple's wireless mouse in practise. We've also heard that the remote will be a little thicker, which isn't that surprising given how thin and light it is now.

Stay tuned for more Apple updates.

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