New Apple Watch could have much bigger battery


New Apple Watch could have much bigger battery

The Wearable revolution was set to kick off over the last year but, being honest, it never really arrived. A large part of that is the failure by most major companies to really commit to the technology, leaving consumers with a number of devices that didn't really deliver on their promise.

One exception was the Apple Watch which packed in innovative features aplenty and some astounding tricks for such a small device. But it had one major downfall- pitiful battery life. If you were the sort to actually tinker with the thing regularly, you would get significantly less than a day which defeats the purpose of having something on your wrist at all times.

Thankfully, it sounds like Apple has learned from its mistakes, with rumours about a second Apple Watch suggesting it could get a serious battery boost.

An image leaked to Chinese social network Weibo claims to be of a battery for the larger 42mm model of the Apple Watch. It's packs in 334 mAh which is a good bump up from the 246 mAh of the previous model.

Of course we don't know how that's going to impact the actually battery life in use but Apple would want to be blind and deaf to not have noticed this was a major issue with their previous model. They'll definitely be shouting about these improvements when we get an official annoucement, which could come as soon as the 16th of September, alongside the new iPhone.

The original Apple Watch launched in April 2015, so the gap between releases could be as much as 18 months- suggesting the company really wanted to get things right the second time.

More as we get it.

New Apple Watch could have much bigger battery on
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