New Google Pixel claims best smartphone camera ever


New Google Pixel claims best smartphone camera ever

After weeks of the leaks the Google Pixel phones have been revealed, and they're pretty neat handsets.

The Pixel and Pixel XL have 5 inch and 5.5 inch screens respecively and the same high spec innards including a Snapdragon 821 processor and 4 gigs of RAM. They're calling it a new, new phone, made by Google.

Fast charging, rapid fingerprint scanning and software features like Google Assistant are all being trumpeted but one of the biggest claims comes from the camera. Google is sayng that they have the best smartphone camera ever in the Pixel.

That's quite a thing to say, but they have some data to back it up. Independent site DxOMark has tested the camera and awarded it a mark of 89- that's the best score any smartphone has ever received, one up on the Galaxy S7 and you can read more about it over here.

This feat is accomplished through a combination of impressive hardware and speedy software, resulting in strong low light performance and a camera which just performs, no matter the conditions. That's going to be a huge selling point for the handset when it launches. We're also hearing that the performance of the HDR+ is stellar, with speedy and great looking results.

Google is even offering unlimited full size photo storage for free with Google Photos, so they're clearly putting the focus on the camera experience.

While early camera claims are always enthusiastic the presence of this DxO score makes a good case for Pixel, and we'll have real world tests soon enough. The Google Pixel phones are up for pre-order now in the US and should be out in Ireland soon.

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