New GoPro model is accessible with a great LCD touchscreen


New GoPro model is accessible with a great LCD touchscreen

GoPro pretty much has the action camera market sewn up, so much so that these dinky cameras have become synonymous with the world of extreme sports and even frequently used in movies and TV shows to capture the action up close.

The company has been working hard in recent years to bring in more casual consumers, especially with the inrtoduction of the Hero camera. This incredibly small and light camera gives users access to high res video and quick image capture in a rugged body and provides the perfect entry point into the system at just €140.

And now that entry-level Hero label is expanding with the Hero+ LCD.

Perhaps unsuprisingly, it's a camera with an LCD - effectively bridging the gap between the Hero and the more expensive Hero 4 Silver. The new model gets an appropriate bump in specs, allowing for 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second and also giving users access to 8MP photos instead of 5MP or 12 on the more expensive model.

Like the Hero, the Hero+ LCD comes as one unit with its waterproof housing, though you can decide which back door to use and you get two in the box, including one which lets it remain waterproof and use the touchscreen, that's very handy indeed.

All things considered, it's a nice step up and the versatility of the touchscreen can't be overestimated. Moving through the options on a GoPro with only the front monochrome display does become second nature after a while but for an entry level model the touch display will prove to be a godsend. You'll also be able to effectively frame shots and even select a footage on the display for quick upload to social media, etc.

Of course you can also control the action using the fully featured smartphone app, which is where you'll be able to upload images and video and there bundled editing software for your Mac or PC is surprisingly versatile and easy to use.

The GoPro Hero+ LCD is launching first in the US on the 7th of June, with a global release to follow on the 12th of July. Dollar price is $299.99.

Get more info here.

New GoPro model is accessible with a great LCD touchscreen on
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