New iCloud blots out sun


Cloudy with a chance of convenience
iCloud may sound like the greatest invention since those round thingies our cars sit on, but just how much of a life saver will it be? Apple assures its salivating masses that its new wireless backup can sync all our apps, songs, documents, books, photos, videos, calendars and contacts.

And like the vast majority of clouds, it's free.

Here’s a closer look at its more publicised features…

Central Hub: iCloud can, and will, store all your media, accessible from any compatible device- PC, iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

Free of Charge: Each user receives approx 5GB of space to do with as they will, upload, download, whatever takes your fancy.
iTunes in the cloud: iTunes will monitor tracks purchased in the iTunes Music store and construct copies from their servers accessible to you for some on the go syncing.

iOS and OS X app integration: Update a contact on your iPhone, it’s added to your lists on other Apple devices. Add a new calendar event in iCal, and it’ll show up on your iPad, etc.

Photo streaming: Snap a photo, send it up to iCloud. There it’ll beam down to your iOS devices, while also live on Apple's servers for 30 days.

App purchase history: You’re a big spender. You can’t be keeping track of what you’ve bought! Tricky when you need to re-download or install them on a second device. iCloud now keeps track of all your purchased apps and enables you to directly download those apps from the list.

Daily backups: App history, device settings, new photos, purchased music, apps and books will all be sent up to iCloud automatically. Daily.

iCloud isn't available yet, but should be ready for public consumption come Autumn. Stay Tuned.

New iCloud blots out sun on
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