New Instagram tools let you add colour and fade


New Instagram tools let you add colour and fade

Instagram was invented for a pretty specific purpose - smartphone cameras were terrible and adding a filter or even a blurry haze across them made it seem like your photos were better than they really were?

Cynical? Maybe but without a doubt the initial popularity of the app was spawned by users ove-filtering and blurry every last picture until it looked like a piece of modern art. More than 4 years on from its debut, and the service has become more a social setting than a mere photo app, with over 300 million users and the significant backing of parent company Facebook.

Smartphone cameras have certainly improved in quality in the interim but that doesn't mean Instagram is finished rolling out new features. Right now you can download the latest update to the app on Android, with the iOS version coming in a few days. Both will see the introduction of two new tools calledcalled Color and Fade. And yes even the international version of the app spells it 'color.'

Colour (we're spelling it properly!)lets you pick a shade from a list includingyellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green and lets you add that colour to the highlights or shadows of your image. Just select a colour and then tap again to choose the intensity of the effect. You can even add multiple colours to create some very subtle adjustments to the scheme.

Fade is a more straightforward tool, used more for taking the intensity of colours out of a picture. There's an overall softening effect which probably works best in small doses or you end up with what looks like a muddy photo.

It's great to see Instagram continuing to add new features to their app, and you can be sure people will be adding gorgeous new snaps by the time you read this.

These new tools are available on Instagram on Android now, with the iOS version coming soon.

New Instagram tools let you add colour and fade on
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