New Intel Chromebooks to Offer 11 Hours of Battery Life


New Intel Chromebooks to Offer 11 Hours of Battery Life
Shrinking PC market still not affecting Chromebooks...

Despite the fact that the PC market continues to shrink, with sales falling as consumers opt for alternative solutions like tablets, one area has been going from strength to strength; Chromebooks.

Intel this week announced a brand new range of Chromebook devices in association with a number of partners, with one ofthe main focuses being battery life, and the new devices look set to offer users as much as 11 hours of use from a single charge.

Among the companies introducing new hardware at Monday's event were Dell and Aver, who showcased their new Core i3 Chromebooks, and HP and Asus, with the former set to launch a Chromebook in June, and the latter bringing two new devices to market this summer. Finally, Lenovo was on hand to announced the ThinkPad 11e and ThinkPad Yoga.

With the new technology built into these new devices, users can expect even lighter machines on top of the increased battery life, which could make the Chromebook range even more enticing in the future.

New Intel Chromebooks to Offer 11 Hours of Battery Life on
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