New iPhone could have massive 256 gigs of storage


New iPhone could have massive 256 gigs of storage

The iPhone 7 range will be officially confirmed in early September 2016 but before all that we'll have to put up with weeks of speculation.

The latest rumour suggests that storage issues might be a thing of the past with the new handsets, as Apple looks to introduce a 256 gig storage model. Considering as of last year they were still selling models with a paltry 16 gigs of storage, this would make for quite the revelation.

We're hearing that the prices of NAND flash storage chips is set to soar, partly due to the huge demand created by Apple's use of the tech supplied by Samsung for these large storage devices. It's not know if the option will be available on all models, with the some sites suggesting that we might get two or three new iPhones this year.

As video reaches for the 4K milestone and photos grow in size, storage remains a major issue for consumers. Add in the scale of complex apps and games and video downloading and playback and it's easy to see why this new storage size would make a real difference to many users, especially as Apple refuses to include a microSD option.

Expect official news in early September, 2016.

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