New Microsoft tech can add captions to your photos


New Microsoft tech can add captions to your photos

Microsoft has all sorts of weird projects on the go at any one time, with some - like the disasterous Tay bot - getting more attention than others.

The latest is called CaptionBot, and you can probably guess that it's an automated way to produce descriptions of photos. It's a pretty sophisticated piece of artificial intelligence driven software which displays machine learning to get better at guessing over time.

But that doesn't mean its perfect, at least not yet.

You didn't do so well CaptionBot, but at least the software is being pretty humble about it. The images are kept to help the AI learn over time so it might eventually learn about the strange sport known as hurling, but that's far from guaranteed. How about the most tweeted photo ever?

Hmm... You can give the bot a chance to do better right over here - where you can upload an image or share a URL.

New Microsoft tech can add captions to your photos on
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