New Oculus Rift Developer Kit Available Now


New Oculus Rift Developer Kit Available Now
Improved specs and aesthetics for second version of Rift dev kit...

Following the news last week that Oculus had sold out of first generation development kits for its Rift VR headset, the company has today announced the availability of a brand new version of the hardware, this time featuring a revised form factor and improved resolution.

Known as DK2, the set is now available for pre-order, costing $350 and with a shipping date of July. The set features a resolution of 960x1080 per eye, comparable with Sony's new Project Morpheus specs, and has removed moton blur while adding positional head tracking.

On the consumer version front, company CEO Brendan Iribe spoke to PC Gamer at GDC this week to speak about the company's plans for release...

Development Kit 2 has the core building blocks ... [The consumer version] is going to improve all of these things to where it all gets very comfortable. The second developer kit is not designed for hours of use, but it has those core pieces. So, we put this out, developers can get started with this, and they can take the content that they make with DK2 and they'll be able to jump it over to the consumer version with little to no code changes.

I'm confident that consumer VR version one from Oculus is going to deliver on the promise.It is going to be what people have imagined VR to be for so long. Dev Kit 2 gets us closer to that, but when you see the actual consumer prototype, which we now do have internally, you just get it. People say, 'Oh my God. I realize how big this is going to be. It's really going to work.

So, no date announced yet, but Oculus has confirmed it will be available by the end of 2015 - which is still a pretty long wait for those who are excited to experience what the Rift has to offer... good thing DK2 is available soon, eh?

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