New Oculus Rift Prototype Finally Adds Headphones


New Oculus Rift Prototype Finally Adds Headphones

Crescent Bay is the latest VR tech prototype from Oculus. It is a Rift prototype, an improvement on the earlier models seen in the press in recent months and bristling with of improvements and new features.

The most notable of the latter is brand new integrated audio. Unveiled at the Oculus Connect 2014 developer conference, the Crescent Bay sports headphones mounted to the headset. And while these are optional extras, at least you won’t have to shell out for a whole other peripheral for (arguably) the most important element in the VR experience! In fact, Oculus is manufacturing software and hardware to aid developers when it comes to high-fidelity 3D audio. Suddenly, Oculus is taking audio very, very seriously.

Crescent Bay also features 360-Degree head tracking. It is also lighter and more ergonomic than previous Oculus Rift models showcased to date. Unfortunately, despite Crescent Bay being regarded by Oculus as ‘the best virtual reality headset’ around, the company has advised patience in its customers, as it is still not quite ready to ship quite yet.

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