New photo app makes your snaps batter with AI


New photo app makes your snaps batter with AI

Microsoft may be dropping away from the smartphone race but that doesn't mean they're out for the count, as they've got a new app to help you take better pictures.

Pix is a camera app which uses advanced technology to make things easier for you. When you snap a picture it takes multiple shots and chooses the best one, while also doing all manner of behind the scenes fanciness to make sure that faces look well exposed. It even smooths out videos and creates handy little animated GIFs.

Here's an overview.

It all sounds pretty great, and you can get an idea of how the tech works over the product page. Basically they're using a lot of lessons learned by other companies and apps and bringing them together with a smart experience that should mean less work for you.

Now it also takes away a lof of your control so if you're into manual shooting this app probably won't be for you. The other issue is that it's currently only on iOS like a lot of interesting camera apps, and there's no word on an Android release. You probably won't be seeing it on Windows Mobile either.

Get the iOS app over yonder.

New photo app makes your snaps batter with AI on
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