New Retro Nokia 130 Candybar Phone Has a One Month Battery and Costs Less than 20 Quid


New Retro Nokia 130 Candybar Phone Has a One Month Battery and Costs Less than 20 Quid

The mobile phone industry could have gone any number of ways over the last few years. The increasing size and complexity of handsets today was never a foregone conclusion - not so very long ago, small handsets with hardware keys were the norm.

And for good reason - they're harder to damage, the smaller screens helped to keep battery life high and the form factor was the perfect fit for any kind of pocket. Consider that the Nokia 3210 - one of the most popular phones ever released - measured just 50mm across, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is over 70.

I would personally love to see the screen size of handsets come down a little, or at least stabilise, for a fear a future where humans are forced to evolve into huge hanged freaks, all the better to smartphone with.

That's not all that likely but a new product from Nokia does bring back a real sense of nostalgia as well as offering incredible value for money.

The Nokia 130 is a basic mobile phone with a 1.8 inch colour screen and an honest-to-goodness keypad. Look at those real numbers! The phone measures 106x45.5x13.9 mm and weigh just 67g - so its very handy to keep in your pocket at all times.

Features are limited but decent - watch video on the go (for up to 16 hours) or listen to music (for a very impressive 46 hours). The battery life is the big selling point, especially today when units die long before your day is done, and it will last a staggering 36 days in standby mode. It's even compatible with microSD up to 32GG.

Here's some video.

The Nokia 130 is a device that's aimed more at developing markets like China, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Vietnam and it will retail for €19. That's one heck of a bargain and its a handset which could work well as a backup phone for accident prone folks on their way to a gig if it also makes it way to Ireland.

In less happy news, the 130 might well be the last handset to bear the Nokia brand as new owners Microsoft have decided to do away with the name. The end of an era folks.

The Nokia 130 will release before the end of 2014.

New Retro Nokia 130 Candybar Phone Has a One Month Battery and Costs Less than 20 Quid on
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