New Smart Watch on the Way from


New Smart Watch on the Way from
New wearable tech coming from Black Eyed Peas muso this July...

Black Eyed Peas musician extraordinairre debuted his brand new wearable technology on British chat show Alan Carr Chatty Man over the weekend, and it actually looks pretty nifty. Unlike most other wearable devices which require a smartphone in order to get the most out of them, this bracelet will allow users to tweet, post to Facebook, use Instagram, send and receive calls and texts and listen to their music all without the need for another device.

Host Alan Carr was incredibly impressed with the demonstration, which you can see below.

No further details are currently available apart from the fact that the device is set to launch this coming July, but many are curious as to whether or not it'll be Android powered or a proprietary operating system. The producer/singer has always been involved in the technology world, and offers his own line of cases for iPhone, as well as being director of creative innovation at Intel, so the idea that he would fund the creation of a brand new piece of hi-tech gadgetery isn't as out there as you might have thought.

New Smart Watch on the Way from on
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