New Sony phone could have first HDR display


New Sony phone could have first HDR display

High Dynamic Range is set to be one of the big buzzwords on the display scene for the next few years, and Sony Mobile might already be on the bandwagon.

A leak from a source close to manufacturing is suggesting that the company might have a new phone in the works called the Xperia X Premium. That would be in line with the new naming convention introduced with the X range at Mobile World Congress 2016.

The report is also saying that the new handset could be the first in the world to feature a High Dynamic Range display. That technology essentially introduces more detail to light and dark areas for an image that looks like real life, as well as a wider range of colours.

The screen itself is a 5.5 inch panel that's designed to be the brightest in the world - up to a massive 1300 nits. The Samsung Galaxy S7 tops out at 855 nits and that's one of the best currently available. We're also hearing that the screen's colour depth will be in the region of 1.07 billion, far above the 16.8 million around today.

Of course this is all rumour at the moment and Sony has been quiet on the details of any new handsets beyond the X trio due for release in summer 2016. More as we get it.

New Sony phone could have first HDR display on
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