New Sphero bot is for play and learning


New Sphero bot is for play and learning

Sphero might be best known right now for creating the best BB-8 toy around but the company has a whole range of products which can also be used to learn as well as play.

They've just revealed the new Sphero SPRK+ which builds on the previous ball shaped bot to bring a whole bunch of new features. This little guy can be easily programmed to use its built in sensors to navigate the world and also to use its LED lights to dazzle the crowd.

The SPRK+ is a nippy little sucker and strong to boot, while this updated version is also entirely waterproof. Here's the little guy in action.

The Lightning Lab app on iOS or Android makes it easy to interact with the SPRK+ and you can also just use BlueTooth to control the bot to have some fun. It really comes alive as an educational tool though, helping to give kids a sense of the basics of coding with real tactile feedback as they teach the bot basic rules and let them loose in the world.

And yes adults can totally buy them too! The SPRK+ has just released in the US and should be available in Europe soon.

New Sphero bot is for play and learning on
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