New Thunderbolt USB is reversible and twice as fast


New Thunderbolt USB is reversible and twice as fast

The humble USB port is changing. Kind of...

Intel has revealed details of their upcoming Thunderbolt 3 connector and it's a bit of a game changer. Thunderbolt in general is a faster connection than regular USB, often used for activities which need fast data transfer like video and photo editing.

The Thunderbolt 3 is coming to the table with the same shape as the new USB-C port. This is a move towards standardising the huge amount of cables we all have that plug into our various devices and also comes with the added benefit of never being the wrong way round - it will fit into the port regardless of which side is 'up'.

USB-C is already fast but the Thunderbolt 3 will improve speeds even further and also allow for dual 4K monitors at the same time - it pushes a lot of data. It can also take up to 100 watts of power, so cable charging won't remain the incredibly slow process it is today.

Intel wants to get these new ports out into the wild by the end of 2015 and other manufacturers will soon start supporting the format. One of the first uses of the new port was on the latest MacBook from Apple - with the company choosing to simplify the connections on the device, providing power and data connections in the same place.

It's all about making things easier for the consumer, with less cables plugging into less places in your computer or other devices. Of course it isn't going to happen over night and your older USB cables will still work with these ports via an adaptor, though speeds will also be slower.

New Thunderbolt USB is reversible and twice as fast on
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