New Twitter tech can fix your video after posting


New Twitter tech can fix your video after posting

Twitter has picked up a new company called Magic Pony - and they do something even more magical than their name might suggest.

It's a London based group which uses machine learning techniques for better visual processing on the internet. What that means for me and you and everyone else who uses Twitter is that the company is going to be doing some pretty amazing things with video in the coming months and years.

The official Twitter blog post is pretty quiet about the technology but it seems that it will be able to improve the quality of your videos after they've been uploaded. Which sounds like magic in and of itself. But the tech could also be able to make live streaming videos sharper.

That's improving the quality of a video from a perfectly average phone on the fly while its live streaming. Just try to comprehend how that could even work in real time and you get an idea of the potential of this new technology.

The team at Magic Pony includes 11 PhDs who have worked in areas like machine learning, high-performance computing and computational neuroscience - so the future of video on Twitter is in good hands.

New Twitter tech can fix your video after posting on
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