New Wikipedia app is rich with new and extra bits


New Wikipedia app is rich with new and extra bits

Wikipedia is an incredible resource and one that just keeps growing thanks to the efforts of everyday people adding to this global knowledge library.

It's a pretty incredible feat, and now it's easier to access than ever thanks to an updated Android app. The refreshed app includes news topics, trending stories, featured posts and eye catching images, all in a single stream of information that's constantly reacting to what's going on in the world and your own preferences.

You'll also find a new search bar has been added with voice functionality and the ability to swipe away any 'cards' you don't like as well as have multiple tabbed articles open. Wikipedia has clearly learned a few tricks for Google here, and it works remarkably well.

Pop into the menu on the left hand side and there are more controls, including a Nearby feature that pops up areas around you with Wiki articles. That's a great way to get an overview of your area, and you might even learn something you didn't know before.

Developer sorts will also have full access to the code for this new smart search experience, and can work on their own implementation for other apps and more.

Grab the new Android App right now on the Google Play store.

New Wikipedia app is rich with new and extra bits on
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