New York Restaurant Cyber-Stalks Guests Ahead of Dining


New York Restaurant Cyber-Stalks Guests Ahead of Dining
Eleven Madison Park likes to get to you know you, before you arrive...

There can't be too many people around these days who don't realise that everything you say and do online can potentially be traced back to you, but when it comes to dining at a restaurant, few people would expect that their online social profiles will be scoured for information that could be used to "enhance" the dining experience, but that's exactly what goes on behind the scenes at New York City restaurant Eleven Madison Park.

In what could best be described as an interesting, but potentially creepy use of social media, the company goes out of its way to find out everything it can about guests ahead of their stay, from checking out their birthdays or other landmark occasions to finding out where they're from, what music they listen to and what they do for a living so that they can pair diners with a "suitable" server.

While we can definitely see the benefits of this, it's not exactly the type of thing you expect when popping out for a quick meal, and the restaurant goes as far as searching photographs for information that could reveal preference in wines, or even whether the guest is a chef or works in a restaurant themselves.

What is potentially most concerning is the fact that all this is done without the permission of the diner, meaning that there's no way of knowing who is looking up your information or what it could potentially be used for.

If ever you needed more reason to be careful with what you post online, this is it!

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