Next Galaxy Note Will Be Different - Samsung


Next Galaxy Note Will Be Different - Samsung
Next generation of Samsung phablet to feature all-new form factor

Since its launch in 2011, Samsung's Galaxy Note has gone on to be the poster child of the phablet space. It's hulking great screen dominates over traditionally sized devices, standing out among almost everything else in the market until other manufacturers decided that bigger was definitely better.

Now, after three iterations, the company is looking to refresh the device with an aesthetic overhaul that'll mark the first major changes in the line since it debuted.

Speaking in an interview with Reuters, Samsung's Senior Vice President of Product Strategy Yoon Han-kil claimed that the next version of the Note, expected to launch in the second half of this year, will feature a brand new form factor, adding that it's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make products that really stand out in a premium market that he describes as "stagnant."

With the Galaxy Note 3 launching last October, it would be fair to expect a similar release date for its successor, however Samsung hasn't yet been drawn on any potential release dates, beyond claiming we're likely to get it in the latter half of 2014.

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