NFC Could Feature in Next iPhone


NFC Could Feature in Next iPhone
Touch-based mobile payment may become a reality for iPhone users...

The latest reports surrounding the iPhone 6 are suggesting that the device may be the first in the range to feature near field communication (NFC) technlogy. So far, Apple has been reluctant to include the tech in its devices, but with Android handsets featuring it prominently in the last few years, it looks like the Cupertino-based company is ready to make the move to finally utilize it.

Although its uses are, let's be honest, almost exclusively restriced to simplifying the Bluetooth handshake process in most cases, there's definite potential there for NFC, particularly when it comes to paying for items using your smartphone, rather than searching through your wallet for the correct card before having to enter a pin and await authentication.

Being able to take out your phone, hold it against an NFC enabled terminal and debit the money directly is seen by many as being a major step forward in commerce, and Apple finally adopting the technology would be a huge shot in the arm for NFC supporters everywhere.

If KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed, the area could be the next big push for Apple's smart devices, not just on the hardware front, but also when it comes to software, as plans for an Apple Wallet app would fit in nicely alongside NFC, while the fingerprint technology introduced in the last generation of iPhones could serve as the perfect layer of security to ensure that users feel comfortable with the process.

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