Nokia Investing Big Money on In-Car Technology


Nokia Investing Big Money on In-Car Technology
Company to spend $100m on new tech...

Towards the end of last month Nokia finally completed the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft, putting the majority of the Windows Phone market in the computer giants' hands, but that doesn't mean we're not going to be hearing about Nokia innovation in the future.

Already the company has announced plans to focus on in-car technology, and has earmarked around $100m to spend investing in companies at the forefront of the industry.

With giants like Google already pouring huge amounts of money into self-driving cars and other vehicular technology, many analysts believe the smart car market is going to be the next major step towards a mostly autonomous future for man.

Nokia is no stranger to in-car technology, however, as it already provides mapping technology to some of the biggest players in the auto industry. What exactly the company plans with its latest investment strategy is unclear, but it's expected that the money will be spread across a number of different areas.

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