Nokia moves into Virtual Reality with new camera


Nokia moves into Virtual Reality with new camera

Nokia is getting into the virtual reality game, with the company properly unveiling their new OZO camera yesterday.

It's a 360 degree camera with 8 sophisticated sensors arranged in a way which captures the full field of view. These kinds of devices are going to become increasingly popular as virtual reality takes off, because they allow users to capture every angle on the experience, so the final video will be full explorable.

As virtual reality cameras go, the OZO is pretty affordable, though it will still run you $60,000. And it has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, here's some video.

We think the camera looks very cool indeed, like something which would be floating around in the background in Star Wars before George Lucas started tinkering. There are also eight included microphones which is a pretty important aspect when you're capturing an enviroment. And you can use a headset to see exactly what the camera sees and hear what it hears.

This technology is going to be increasingly popular in the not so distant future, and Nokia is right on the cutting edge going into 2016.

The OZO goes on sale in early 2016, and you can secure one for an initial payment of $5000 now.

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