Nokia Not Like Everybody Else According to New Ad


Nokia Not Like Everybody Else According to New Ad
First post-takeover ad comes from Nokia and Microsoft...

With the Microsoft takeover of Nokia's mobile division finally done and dusted, the companies have released a brand new advert that pushes the concept that their devices are different to everything else on the market.

Although both Android and iOS devices are dominating the smartphone market, Windows Phone based devices have seen an improvement in performance over the past year, and with Nokia accounting from almost the entire market share, Microsoft now finds itself very much in control of its own destiny.

The devices do their best to stand out from the others on the market, boasting colourful covers and a completely different operating system, but so far the majority of the public remains blissfully unaware of the benefits of the platform. That'll all change in the near future, though, if Microsoft continues to push the unique aspects of both the Lumia range of smartphoens and tablets in interesting ways.

After you check out the ad below, why not tell us you think about Windows Phone 8 as an operating system? Have you made the move, or would you consider ditching Android and iOS for the Microsoft platform in the future?

Nokia Not Like Everybody Else According to New Ad on
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