Nokia will return to phone market in 2016


Nokia will return to phone market in 2016

Nokia appears to be planning a return to the mobile phone market next year, according to new reports.

Two unspecified sources told Re/code that Nokia wants to rejoin the phone market and has several technology projects in the pipeline. One project is, according to these sources, looking at the virtual reality arena.

The Nokia Technologies division has released two products to date. It released an Android program called Zlauncher and an Android tablet called the N1. This tablet is being sold under the Nokia name in China. And insiders say that these products are just the beginning of what Nokia has planned.

Former Nokia executive, Richard Kerris, said that Nokia as a company is not going away. “They have a lot of great stuff in development,” he said. Naturally, he couldn’t go into specifics, but he said that people will be blown away if the things he saw make it to market.

Nokia is currently unable to sell phones under the Nokia brand until the end of this year or license the brand for use in phones until at least the third quarter of next year. That is the fallout of its contract with Microsoft. But that doesn’t mean the company can’t plan what it wants to do when the contract ends.

Nokia is likely to use its N1 tablet as a foundation for its business plan. It is expected to design products and then license those designs and the Nokia brand to a company that will take care of manufacturing as well as sales and distribution.

Time will tell if this approach works for the former mobile giant.

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