Note 7 could launch on reveal date and iris scanner in action


Note 7 could launch on reveal date and iris scanner in action

After some months of speculation Samsung pretty much confirmed that their next Note smartphone will skip a number to be called the Note 7 - likely to fall into line with the release of the Galaxy S7 rather than seeming like a generation behind.

That's good news, and the Korean giant confirmed at the same time that the new handset would be unveiled on the 2nd of August, 2016. Now the latest report is suggesting that the phone could launch on that very same day, or at least in time for the Rio Olympics which kick off of the 5th of August.

That would be a considerably earlier release for the normally September bound Note series, and sees a trend of manufacturers pulling away from the launch window of the hyper popular iPhone.

There's also new information on the much rumored iris scanner, including a photo claiming to show the real version in action. An extra sensor at the top of leaked handset images has suggested there would be a scanner which could unlock the phone with just a glimpse of the unique patterns in your eye, and this would seem to be confirmed by this image.

It looks like a really interesting use of the technology, and another space age way to open your phone. As for whether it will work, if a company as large as Samsung is rolling it out in one of their major new devices, you can be sure it has been tested to the nth degree.

Check back for the official launch on the 2nd of August 2016.

Note 7 could launch on reveal date and iris scanner in action on
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