Now You Can Tour Angkor Wat On Google Street View


Now You Can Tour Angkor Wat On Google Street View
There's no 'streets' as such...

If you think it unlikely that you'll ever find your way to Cambodia, fear not - Google has your tourism covered.

That's because the technology giant has just released the results of their latest project - mapping the area of Ankor Wat! The company took more than 1,000 photos of the ancient, jungle swamped site and stitched them together to give online tourists an incredible view that they might otherwise never see.

This follows on from recent additions like the Taj Mahal and Grand Canyon but the complexities of these interlocking temples means that you can see incredible detail, from your desk. The views are captured with a device called a Trekker - basically a series of cameras mounted on a long pole stretching out of a backpack. They take high resolution photos constantly which are later stictched together by sophisticated software.

It's not so much about replacing the real thing, Google says their experience with digitising museums online has actually led to high visitor numbers. It just gives a taste of the experience, enough to possibly give tourists the final push they need to get up and go.

Click here to visit the great temples.

Now You Can Tour Angkor Wat On Google Street View on
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