Oculus Rift kits being sent out now


Oculus Rift kits being sent out now

We've been hearing a lot about virtual reality over the last few years but the technology has remained far from the grasp of most people. Until very recently, only low quality development kits were out there in the wild, and there was no way for consumers to get their hands on the hardware or the potentially world changing software. Now that's finally about to change as the first Oculus Rift headsets are shipping out.

This isn't just to Kickstarter backers but to actual people who pre ordered the systems online earlier this year. They've got the PC rig to run the Rift and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to get started - and the boxes will be with them soon.

It's all incredibly exciting as this will be the first large scale real world test of the headset, requiring software and hardware to work in unison across thousands of different computer set ups around the world. There are bound to be teething problems as these pioneers step into virtual reality for the first time, and the rest of the world will be watching carefully to see how the early adopters get on.

You can be sure that the hardware rivals at HTC will also be keeping tabs on the Rift's progress. They have the Vive set for release in April with a similar set up to the Rift and they'll be hoping to learn from any early mistakes. And then PlayStation has the PS VR primed for October 2016, making absolutely sure that this is going to be the year of VR.

Get more info on the Oculus Rift over here.

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