Oculus Rift photos leak - is this what the future of virtual reality looks like?


Oculus Rift photos leak - is this what the future of virtual reality looks like?

Oculus Rift wants to give us a glimpse of the future - of the way we're going to consume games, movies and more thanks to the wonders of virtual reality.

After several years of development, a consumer version of the headset is set for release in early 2016, and the company will be showing it off for the first time at a major pre-E3 press event on the 11th of June. But, seeing as this is the internet, there's been an early leak which might have spoiled some of the surprise.

In this case, we can't have a lot of sympathy because the leak comes from Oculus' own official site. Diligent sorts have found images buried in the site which show off a number of shots of the design of the headset as well as what looks like a remote control of some sort.

It's no massive suprise that there would be a remote control, as you'll need to be able to select things while using the headset, but its interesting to see the design that they've been considering for the device. Oculus has officially come out and said that while these images are real, they're from an earlier design iteration and don't necessarily reflect what will be unveiled tomorrow.

It looks a fairly basic controller, with plus and minus, a return button and a home button down the bottom, as well as a surface for movement, like a touchpad. The scale suggests its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it looks well, if very simply designed.

This version of the headset certainly looks better than the various development kits which have been out in the wild for a few years now, especially the lighting around the headphones on the sides. There's also a front-facing camera for the first time, likely included to help scan the local enviroment while using the headset.

With just a few hours left until the big reveal, it remains to be seen how close this design is to the final version.

Stay tuned to the official Oculus Rift site for updates on the 11th of June 2015.

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