Oculus Rift pre orders will get Eve Valkyrie free


Oculus Rift pre orders will get Eve Valkyrie free

So after many moons of waiting, 2016 is finally going to deliver up some virtual reality goodness.

That's because the Oculus Rift is actually going to be available for folks to buy, something the world has been waiting over three years for at this stage. There's no set release date just yet but we have got some new information, and it's a pretty good one for gamers. Those who pre order the Rift will get an entire game for free - Eve: Valkyrie.

It's a space fighting multiplayer title from the makers of Eve (surprisingly) and it has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of virtual reality. To that end, you'll be peering out of a futuristic cockpit with the headset tracking your every head movement precisely as you try to dodge enemy fire and lay down some attacks of your own. It looks pretty neat.

It's important to note that this is a complete game, not just a tech demo, which makes it one of the first VR titles that we can think of, and definitely the first to market on Oculus. Being in the box for people who are just getting used to their headsets is hugely important, and speaks to the confidence Oculus has in what Valkyrie has to offer.

This deal is set to work for anyone who pre-orders the headset but we still can't find a way to do that, or a price for the device. Hopefully there will be an update soon, with the Rift set to launch in early 2016.

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