Official and expensive Apple Watch dock launches


Official and expensive Apple Watch dock launches

Apple finally has a charging dock for its Watch wearable. And to the surprise of no one it's going to cost you a lot to pick it up.

It's a plastic circle with a contact for charging in the centre. This little circle can charge the Watch while its flat or at a 90 degree angle which is a great idea for those who use the wearable as a bedside clock or just want it all to look fancier while its charging. It also kind of looks like a flying saucer. And costs $79 for some reason.

It's an inductive charger to it should be easy enough to get your Watch into the sweet spot and you'll still of course have to have the unit plugged into the wall. The dock comes with a long lightning cable (you're going to be seeing a lot of these in Apple products in the future) and won't include a wall plug. Which seems a bit measly given the cost of the thing.

Here's how it looks.

The dock should be in stores on the 20th of November 2015.

Official and expensive Apple Watch dock launches on
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