One M8 Sales Give HTC a Boost


One M8 Sales Give HTC a Boost
Sales vastly improved over last year...

HTC made a big song and a dance about the launch of its One M8 handset last month, and it's really reaping the rewards of that action now, with the device's week-on-week sales still proving strong. In fact, each of the four weeks the device has been on sale has yielded more sales for the company than all but two weeks from last year, and those weeks were ones with back to school sales from select carriers.

The figures are even more impressive when you consider that the One M8 launched at roughly the same time as Samsung's latest powerhouse, the Galaxy S5, meaning that customers are showing their willingness to make the move over to HTC even in light of such strong competition from other, arguably more established, manufacturers.

Not willing to rest on its early laurels, HTC is looking set to continue pushing the One M8 well into the summer and beyond, with a brand new advertising campaign on the way next month featuring Hollywood star Gary Oldman identified as a way to keep public interest in the handset high for prolonged periods.

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