OnePlus 3 back on sale in Ireland


OnePlus 3 back on sale in Ireland

The OnePlus 3 launched exclusively online a few months back and arrived amid some pretty impressive reviews.

It turns out popularity isn't always a good thing though as stock shortages quickly followed. This was the first phone released by OnePlus which didn't use the awkward invite system, but that also meant that the company couldn't control supply and demand.

As they quickly ran out of handsets the decision was made back in August to halt delivert of the OnePlus 3 in Europe. Happily, that's now over and you can just go ahead and order one now.

At the time of writing the regular Graphite model is available to ship immediately to Ireland, which is the first time you've been able to get it in a timely fashion since the handset released. Those protective cases are also back in stock (they bally well should be!) alongside a few accessories.

If you were interested in the Soft Gold option which released more recently you're not quite so lucky as this model won't ship for around a month. Both handsets cost €399 and deliver raw specs which are equal to or even better than the top drawer smartphones available today.

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