OnePlus 3 dash charge is the real star


OnePlus 3 dash charge is the real star

The OnePlus 3 is out and it's getting a lot of attention for delivering flagship specs at a mid range price.

The feature set is impressive, including a fingerprint scanner, 16MP camera, a Snapdragon 820 processor and an alarming 4 gigs of RAM. It's a bit of a beast, at least on paper.

In practise the reviews have been pointing out that some compromises have had to be made in order to bring this unit in at a cost of €399. For one thing it only has a 1080p AMOLED screen which is better for battery life but not great if you plan on using a VR headset.

The battery is also rather small - a trade off for a thinner frame but one that has its own knock on effects. Video performance is said to be fairly spotty and that huge hunk of RAM is rarely used.

One less shouted about feature is Dash Charging but it might just be the most impressive part of the package. With this new tech included in the plug with the OnePlus 3 you're promised up to 60 percent of battery in just 30 minutes.

And OnePlus seems to have been good to their word here, with universal praise for how speedy the system is. What's more it doesn't make the phone warm to the touch and you can continue using the phone for demanding things like games without slowing down the charging process - which is a real revelation.

As phones become more sophisticated battery life keeps getting worse and worse. Until battery tech itself changes significantly that isn't going to change so OnePlus has taken the step to make sure that if you are running low topping up is as pain free as possible. And that's a really smart solution to the problem.

You can grab the OnePlus 3 sim free from the official site for €399.

OnePlus 3 dash charge is the real star on
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