OnePlus 3 images leak


OnePlus 3 images leak

Another day, another leak, this time about the upcoming OnePlus 3 handset.

The latest report comes from a tipster who claims to have been hands on with the new unit - which has yet to be officially confirmed by the company.

The user shared images of the front and bottom of the OnePlus 3, see them below.

The sleek black lines of the front of the handset are in keeping with the design language of the OnePlus 2, and the rounded edges look like they'll be pleasant to hold.

On the bottom you'll see the USB-C port, headphone jack (relocated from the top of the OnePlus 2) and a large speaker hole. The back of the device isn't shown because it 'is not the retail shape' according to the post.

If this is the OnePlus 3 it isn't particularly exciting, especially when the company was claiming a major redesign for the latest handset. That said, it's not a bad looking device and it will likely come with a very competitive price point.

Expect more news from OnePlus soon.

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