OnePlus 3 performance report - 6 gigs of RAM not fully used


OnePlus 3 performance report - 6 gigs of RAM not fully used

The OnePlus 3 sounds like a belter of a phone, especially for one that costs under €400 and is available on any network with free shipping worldwide.

On paper, the specs equal to or better than most flagships out there, including the latest Snapdragon 820 processor and a massive 6 gigs of RAM, the first smartphone to feature that much memory.

In reality, performance is a little more complicated as the OnePlus 3 has been seen to fall down on speed tests, especially when it comes to putting a lot of strain on that RAM. See how it compares with the Galaxy S7 sporting just 4 gigs of RAM.

That's a bit depressing.

Now OnePlus has reponded to these tests and revealed a little something about the new phone - it doesn't actually use those 6 gigs of RAM. Instead the use of this hardware has been throttled in order to help the battery last longer. So while it might sound like a high spec on paper, you're not actually getting the full benefit.

That's not the entire story though. OnePlus co founder Carl Pei has been discussing the issue on Twitter and admitted it was all about battery life.

However the open system of the OnePlus also means that powerusers have the opportunity to open up the software and activate all of that delicious memory. It's going to speed things up, and possibly make your battery drain more quickly. In addition, Pei confirmed that some of their native OnePlus apps, like the camera, do already take advantage of the entire RAM allotment.

There's a lot going on here but the good news is that OnePlus is aware of the customer feedback and future software updates could make a big difference to how the phone operates. Of course OnePlus isn't known for releasing those updates too regularly, but maybe that will be improved now that they're focussing on a single smartphone.

OnePlus 3 performance report - 6 gigs of RAM not fully used on
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